Overdraft is a short-term credit line, which purpose is to finance company’s operating capital. Overdraft limit will be linked with the customer’s settlement account within one selected currency, which enables for the borrower to go below zero with his/her settlement account.

A person who gets an ovedraft can use the  loan and make repayments to his/her account within the confirmed limit any time without coordinating each transaction with the bank. Overdraft repayments will be performed at the positive cash-flow of a company’s current economic activity.

Advantages of overdraft

  • Possibility to cover irregular cash-flow
  • Possibility to cover unexpected costs
  • Possibility to decide on the use of money on your own


Maximum credit line:up to 50% from the applicant’s average net turnover of three last months
Term: up to 1 year
Currency:EUR, USD
Interest rate on used credit line:depends on the customer’s ability to make repayments
Interest rate on unused credit line:up to 2% on unused credit line per annum
Contract fee: up to 1,5% from the credit line, minimum 63.91 EUR
Fee for changing the contract:up to 1,5% from the credit line, minimum 63.91 EUR
Collateral: real estate, movable property, deposit, other collaterals accepted by the bank (an example surety)
Additional collateral:additional guarantee up to 75% from the loan amount can be applied for from the Fund KredEx